Monday, March 23, 2009

Denim down

Back in January I posted some pics titled "Barbecued Buns". I was spanked at a friends house for mouthing off during a backyard barbecue. Here is part 2 of that spanking later in the day at home.


Anonymous said...

Great picture set!!! All of your stuff is top-notch!! I just wish you and your man would show your faces, and I'd like to see the hairbrush used for a good long while, for real discipline. Of course, that is just me, LOL

OldFashionGirl said...

Thanks, I do have some hairbrush spanking photo sets. Not my favorite implement. It hurts too much. Lol! Sorry about the face thing but we both have professional jobs and even though we are doing nothing illegal we still need to be careful since this is the world wide web and anybody can get hold of your photo and post it anywhere eg. some porno site etc.

Anonymous said...

Last photo is yummy Veronica - botties on show for bath time and punishment; as sister and I said about our strict upbringing.
For my autobiography, it's an enduring image: we little Southern missies running around outdoors in our cutey denim shorts. But then sadly, my little sister behaved badly in the mall and was whisked home by mummy for a good, smacked bottom.
My blubbing sister puts hands on head and mother tucks the little thin dreaded rattan cane underarm, and then unfastens her denim shorts and pulls them down to her knees. A small pair of cute cotton panties then followed - my mummy always pulled our panties down, from the first spanking to the last.
My sister's naturally very fair-skinned botty, non sun tanned look cute next to her golden sun tanned legs and back - like two white ceramic bowls on a rich brown walnut table...soon to be scarlet bowls ! Oucheeeees
My poor little sister and her sensitive -skinned chubby backside completely bare and unprotected over the sofa arm. How she yelled Veronica !
I did find it sister and I never denied this frisson, either at the time as naughty little princesses...or indeed ever since !
Veronica, the whippy rattan cane on my bare botty caused a ferocious sting. But I always emphasise - was perfectly harmless. And was appropriate safe punishment at that time. My mother was so kind and caring, yet extremely strict. Her harsh discipline in the 1960s and 70s seemed very antiquated by the 1990s, and seems strange in today's modern context. But when I was growing up, such bare bottom discipline was prevalent in Southern households...little deers with bear behinds were routine Veronica. Even the State Government seemed to advocate it. So yes, love you with your denim shorts and panties around your knees in strict, old-fashioned realistic style! Hugs Brenda x