Thursday, June 25, 2009

Show off!

As many of you know me and my husband have a game we play. I flirt and tease and he gets mad and spanks. This particular day I think I went a little overboard with the teasing. The doorbell rang and there was two delivery men bringing us our washer and dryer. At the same time the phone rang and it was my friend so I laid on the couch to talk. My husband answered the door. As the guys entered our home they got a good view of my panty-clad bottom while I laid prone on the phone. I was wearing a short mini skirt that day and as I laid on the couch it rode up exposing my bottom. I didn't realize this nor did I care. My husband led them into the basement where the laundry room is. The guys said it would take about an hour to hook everything up. My husband left them alone to do their work then came back upstairs. At that time I hung up the phone but still prone on the couch. "So you like showing your ass off to the world!" He yelled. I replied with a smirk and shook my ass a little. "I'm going to spank you so hard right here right now, those men are in the basement and will hear everything and I don't care." Next thing I knew I was over his knee and got one of the hardest, loudest hand spankings ever. I knew the guys heard it all, how could they not? In the end my husband went to tip them and they just giggled and replied. "No sir no need to tip us and if you have even the slightest problem with anything, anything at all we'll get to the seat of the problem and fix it."


Spanking Photo Blog said...

Verónica. My blog is up again! if you like you can added my blog to your links. Best regards.


OldFashionGirl said...

Consider it done. xxoo!

Anonymous said...

Looks from the pictures and the way the curtains blow that the window was open. Was it?

How close are your neighbors?

The Street?


OldFashionGirl said...

The neighbors know I get spanked. Yes the street is right there with sidewalk and all.