Monday, July 6, 2009

Blue jeans and spanking.

For all who love a girl with tight jeans and all admirer's of denim this next photo set if for you. Yes I know summer is here and not much of us are wearing jeans and sweaters but most of you guys can't resist a pair of jeans peeled back like a banana exposing a feminine bottom. As with some spankings, I can't recall what I did wrong and this is one of them. All I know is that I'm wearing jeans and it involves a slipper.


Dave The Rave said...

I always like seeing well-fitting jeans on a woman. Most where I am aren't afraid to wear them and some of us guys can tell a few wear very little beneath. My jeans fit me well, also, an I sometimes get a playful slap and laugh.

IspankLadies said...

You should remember why you got spanked, even if it involves notes on the pictures.

Not remembering suggests the spanking was ineffectual (other than providing nice picture record)for your fans

and of course a good excuse for a later spanking.