Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The naughty elf

It's only a few days before Christmas and all of Santa's elves are working their hardest. Alberich the head elf notice that one of the elves was not working. He approached her and told her she needed to get back to work. Her job was to wrap Christmas presents but instead she began taunting Alberich and then she lifted her red dress and told him to kiss her ass!!! Now Alberich only answers to Santa Clause. Old Saint Nick placed him in charge of all the elves. Elves live by a very strict code of conduct. Any elf misbehaving is dealt with firmly. Adult male elves are sent outside to live in the wilderness for several days when they misbehave. Adult female elves are dealt with more delicately. They are given extra chores to do. Corporal punishment is rare. An adult male elf may be flogged on his bare back. Adolescent elves are spanked usually over a parent's knee. If Alberich spanks them it is often on the bare bottom. Alberich is the only elf that can discipline any elf whether young or old in any manner he feels fit. There is only one way to discipline this Young female. He'll have to turn her over his knee and tan her elf bottom.


Anonymous said...

So the naughty Elf told Alberich to “kiss her ass”, well she got what she asked for, the "kiss" of his hand across her bare butt. One can see her yanked across the lap of Alberich, the protesting, pleas, muffled sobs and finally her submission to his punishment. I think this naughty Elf minx will find herself bare butt and across the knee of Alberich many more times in the coming year?
I love the photo set!

OldFashionGirl said...

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

a happy Christmas to you from tim xx like your blog ,Veronica spanks a lot for your pics .