Monday, January 11, 2010

Bubble caption for the week.


IspankLadies said...

Surely you have it backwards.

"Your outer child" (your soft beautiful, childlike skin) must be hurting.

However, I could believe your inner child is indeed loving it as you enjoy a feeling of deep, inner contact with something, perhaps your desire to be in close contact with your husband, or at least the part of him that is in close, physical contract with you.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like something good old Sigmund Freud would have said. We are lucky you have those feeling and share them with us.
Have a great evening!

Anonymous said...

Very funny Veronica - I think we all agree already.
You are such a naughty lil' daughter over father's knee !

As a loving, strict mom raising my two young daughters in the 1980s, they certainly gotten CP on their outer child !! aka, on their bare bottoms. First the hairbrush in the early years and then the cane (just like a good switching that I gotten from my own mother growing up) Bare botty is the only way for a whuppin' in my rule book Veronica !

I'm not sure about the inner and outer psychology but from a practical level, a good bare bottom spanking sure whipped my girls into shape. They actually thank me for it now. And it sure whipped me into shape in my childhood (1960s) We all talk about loving, strict, CP now as a wider family. And I gotten to talk about it a lot with my peer-group moms back in the day. It's a Southern thang Veronica !
Strict Mom Brenda xx