Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The other side of the fence.

This past October I had some landscapers over. We have a 6 foot by 10 width fence next to our deck and on the other side of the fence we have some large azalea bushes that needed pruning. While the landscapers were doing their thing my husband and I got into a heated debate. I was getting ready to leave the house and go shopping with my girlfriend while he was doing chores around the house. I did promise him some help and went back on my word. While we argued I turned my back to him and flicked my hair up. He quickly turned me over his knee. We both knew who was on the other side of the fence but we both enjoyed the thrill of getting caught. He lifted up my skirt and spanked my panty-clad bottom hard but spared me a bare bottom spanking. He let me up and told me to help out and save the shopping for another day. I sat on the chair even though my butt was sore and began to argue some more. Next thing I knew I was back over his knee. That's when the real spanking began and this time he did not spare my bare bottom.


Anonymous said...

What is the long black thing dangling.

I assume it is a belt that you loosened, but why?

OldFashionGirl said...

It's part of my dress, sort of like a belt. It must of came lose during the spanking from all my squirming and kicking.

Anonymous said...

This is very sexy Veronica. I find prospects of outdoor spankings rather thrilling and scary from hubby - probably because I was not spanked in public, or in the garden when I was a lil' girl growing up. Always taken inside for mommy's switch !!

On the other side of the fence in our house in Georgia in the 1960s, lived our lovely neighbours - an elderly pious couple. My lil' sis and I were always round there for juice, cookies and nice chats. We were all close and friendly. And we were such good polite lil' girls.

Indeed, the neighbours supported my mommy's strict disciplinary regime. And sister and I talked about spankings with the neighbours as did my mother (occasionally my father did, but much less so) Veronica, that sounds strange today, but spankings were very much part of conversations between moms, neighbours and all !

And of course, the idea of "not sparing the rod" was integral to family life and social fabrics within the community (including our large Church community)
And so yes, oh my, our neighbours advocated my momma's harsh spankings for us- we always got our panties pulled down and our bare bottoms tanned with a lil' thin switch made of rattan. Oh my, it was harmless Veronica and part of strict, loving discipline, but the sting was terrible and I was always amazed that the neighbours supported such bare bottom punishment without qualms. It was normal then Veronica, such utter strictness.
And as you know, in summer the neighbours (a few metres away over the fence) could hear our crying and wailing...and the unmistakable stinging smack of rattan on the tender, lil' bare, botties of two sorry daughters. And no one batted an eyelid Veronica. It was just normal family life!!
Such experiences obviously had a big effect on me as a lil' girl, and of course as a spanking enthusiast when older!
Brenda and memoirs! xx