Thursday, June 10, 2010

For my panty loving fans...xoxxo!


Brett said...

And your bottom loving fans...thanks, Veronica.

Ron said...

Oh my, love the picture, so hot and lovely panties, thank you so much. Anytime you have a shot like this to share, well, please do.

Very nice spanking on a nice bottom.

Thank you


Ron said...


Just another comment about your blog, it is so real, even when you role play. I love the way all your spankings are slow, over dress or pants, then panties and then your beautiful bare bottom, very real.

Also I love the way you hold onto your lap's ankles, very hot! I do that when I am spanked and love it when my bottom holds onto my ankle when I spank.

Thanks again.


Ron said...

OK, I am nuts but one more comment, well, two, love the jeans by the way, perfect compliment to the panties.

Only pic sexier is the one above, your top pic, short cheerleader skirt being spanked with the white panties showing, very hot.

Thanks again for sharing


OldFashionGirl said...

You are most welcomed.

Ron said...

Great blog Veronica, keep up the wonderful stuff and have fun!!