Thursday, June 3, 2010

More from "Uncle Joe's collection..."



PhilK said...

Ah, a double spanking - I love those. Looks like the guys swapped over mid-way through, too - even more fun! Uncle Joe had some good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Another classic clip, Veronica. While the title escapes me, I can identify all four participants.
In the first part, I see a much younger Ed Lee spanking Shadow Lane co-founder Eve Howard (her face hidden throughout this clip), and Shadow Lane co-founder, now Eve Howard's husband, Tony Elka, spanking model "Peaches," stage forward. Then the men switch positions, with Eve's face remaining hidden, and it's now Ed who gets a crack at Peaches' naughty girl heinie cheeks. I don't know why you didn't publish my earlier comment on your recent "Uncle Joe's" post, but I can only guess you didn't want any sort of commercial endorsement (I named the producer) for this or any vendor on your blog--your's your blog. Loving these vintage 80s spankvids--thanks. :-)

OldFashionGirl said...

I'm glad you understand. I have more to post so stay tuned. xoxoxo!

Ron said...

This is a classic, thanks and yes love double hand spankings over the knee, classics.