Friday, June 18, 2010

'Third time's a charm'

One day my husband caught me reading a spanking magazine. His notion is that if I'm looking at red bottoms why not turn mine red, so he decided to spank me. He spanked me hard but rather quick and he only lifted my skirt for a brief spanking on my panties. When he let me up I sat on the chair and told him how I don't feel a thing since I'm able to sit quite comfortably. He spanked me a second time and it was harder but he only bared my bottom for a short while. Once again I sat down and to mock him further I picked up the spanking mag and began looking at it once again. He was pissed! He spanked me a third time pulling down my panties while I was still standing. He went straight for a bare bottom tanning and spanked with furry. I jumped and screamed but he kept working my bottom. My ass was on fire this time. I guess the third time's a charm.

Time for round two!

Round three had me begging for mercy!


Ron said...

Third time is a charm for us, thank you so much. What a hot photo set, oh man, so hot. Two nice panty spankings, thank you and then the final volley on our beautiful bare bottom!

Yes young lady, you desrved the spankings, very nice. Love the chair, both your cloths and well yes the nice panties.

Wonderful stuff, thanks and nice relationship you two enjoy! Have fun and thanks for sharing.



OldFashionGirl said...

Thanks Ron, I'm glad you liked it. xoxoxo.

Brett said...

It would be so hypocritical of me to spank a girl for reading a spanking magazine or looking at red bottoms. I'm not saying it would stop me from spanking her for it, but it would be hypocritical. :)

VERY lovely set o' pics there, Veronica. Thanks!


Ron said...

Thanks for the note, I love the pics and must tell you I love when you hold onto his ankle and calf, so hot!

Thanks, be well.


"YLLE" said...

Wonderful images. Muito lindas