Friday, September 10, 2010

Does anybody have cold cream?


Ron said...

Oh my lord, can not say what is in my mind, but young lady you should be put right back over the knee for teasing all of us with this hot, hot picture, just not fair. Hope your husband spanks you again, now for being so naughty.

If I could only buy the house for sale, would be glad to bring over the cream!!!

Also very hot panty spanking banner on the bottom of the page, love it.

Thanks, be well and best regards, thanks for being so kind and sharing and yeah well torturing us with this shot!!!

Be well


Ron said...

Sorry one mote comment, you have a beautiful bottom and equally beautiful legs!!


OldFashionGirl said...

Thanks Ron you always make me blush. xoxo.

Anonymous said...

Mommy deals with Veronica's tantrums...

Veronica, the danger of having tantrums in the store when I was a little one back in the 1960s, was the scary presence of paddles (lil' deer/bear behind) which gave exasperated moms a clue about dealing with naughty daughters!! :-(

In ol' fashioned Georgia, spankings were normal for Lil' madams in my princess gang. Moms talked about discipline like they now talk about real estate !! (so bizarre but so true Veronica, oh my goodness !)

My girlfriends and my younger sister 's girlfriends got hairbrushes, paddles, Southern straps applied to their (usually) bare bottoms - depending on the implement of choice in each household. Some didn't get smacked, but most did. Of course, another strict Southern tradition was cutting a switch !!

I did not have to do that Veronica, because the botty smacker in our house was a cute, whippy, lil' rattan switch (oh my, a real, nasty, lil' thing !) which mummy kept in the downstairs cupboard. My mom was a good ten years' older than my peers' moms and believed in very stern. Ol'Fashioned discipline. She said a stinging bottom now is harmless and prevents worse deeds later on. In essence - her daughters needed to be on best behaviour. And so typical of the traditional, Southern strictness in the 1960s.

Veronica, mommy always lifted our dresses and pulled down our cotton panties (without debate or exception) so we felt a switchin' properly on the sensitive, bare skin on our tender bottoms. She made no fuss and her golden rule (gulp !) was that botties would be bare on two occasions. Firstly for bath times, and secondly for punishment times ! Boo-Hoo. Also, unprotected, bare skin allowed her to judge the effect of the thin rattan switch and create a harsh but fair (and perfectly safe and harmless) stinging behind ! Which was the whole point of a whuppin'!

When PC arrived decades later, we girls were working and had left home, but mother's harsh, spankings seemed a museum piece ! But she did the right thing at the time Veronica - ol' fashioned, strict and loving .
Naughty Nostalgic Brenda xx