Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Late for school" (a father daughter spanking.)

Veronica became very relaxed in her senior year, she was already late three times and it was only September. On this particular morning her alarm clock went off but she kept snoozing it, she was out late last night on a date and now was just too tired to get up. The phone rang at fathers office, it was the school asking why Veronica was not present. father left work to see if his daughter was alright. He arrived home at 10:30 and there was Veronica not fully dressed for school yet. She just did not care if she was late! Father had to put an end to her tardiness. It has been several years since he has put his daughter across his lap and that was about to change. He spanked his daughter with such fury making up for lost years. Veronica kicked up a storm especially when he panties where lowered for a thorough bare bottom spanking! This girl is not going to be late for school anytime soon! So he thought.


Ron said...

Good lord, what a way to start my day and yours, everything a spanking should be. Hot as hell and you are adorable in that outfit, hot lady.

OK, love the spanking on the skirt and of course the long spanking over your wonderful red panty, thanks for sharing that one and obviously the bare bottom to finish.

Love your hands not only in front of you but holding his leg, dam that is hot.

Well you are nice and warm and I am nice and aroused, off to start the day.

Thanks Veronica, you are beautiful and appreciate your sharing with us.

Be well


Ron said...

Boy surpirsed you did not throw your neck out when he got to your bare bottom, you are tossing your head all over, hot, love that!


OldFashionGirl said...

I am a squirmer and kicker. xoxo

Ron said...

Makes it that much better for him and is also hot!!



Anonymous said...

Cute as ever, Veronica. And not just the bouncing, jiggling tushy...
it's the HAIR--soooooo beautiful!
Thanks. -JJ

OldFashionGirl said...

Thanks JJ that's sweet. xoxo.