Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Tough girl, NOT!"

My husband recently purchased a motorcycle, something he's been wanting to do for a long time. One weekend I went riding with him and some friends that also ride. During the trip I tried my best to play the role of tough biker chic and used more swear words then a sailor I also wore a pair of denim shorts and leather boots with a denim jacket which I thought looked the role and quite sexy. I think I took it a little to far when we went to a watering hole and I began dancing with his biker friends. The boys didn't seem to mind but my husband felt I was out of control. When we returned back home all hell broke loose along with a bare bottom spanking. I guess I'm not that tough after all because I cried like a baby.


Brett said...

Maybe you just weren't cut out to be a tough biker chick, Veronica. :) I bet you looked real cute and sexy trying, though. Wonder what everyone that day would have thought if they could have seen what happened when you got home. Would not have raised your street cred, but it would have raised eyes and other organs. ;)

OldFashionGirl said...

I know, I should act like a lady at all times. xoxo

Ron said...

Another hot shoot, well spanked lady



Anonymous said...

Nice photos. I have always dreamed about a tough biker spanking a mouthy college girl, after I heard one make such a threat on the bus one time. The girl turned beet red and didn't say anything more.


Mykola ( Mick) Dementiuk said...

Rev those engines up lil girl Brrrmmm..

Anonymous said...

Tough girls have soft botties Veronica !

Plump, soft botties covered in very sensitive velvety skin ! Boo-Hoo :-(
My strict, bottom-smacker of a mother first taught me this in the 1960s Veronica and my hubby teaches me this today ! And oh my, yes we cry like babies with our reddened, soft babies' bottoms - as God and Nature intended Veronica !

As a feisty, strong, lil' outdoor girl growing up in conservative Georgia in the 1960s, my very traditional mother knew that exposing that fairy-soft, lily-white, sensitive skin on my bare backside for a stinging session with her whippy, lil' rattan cane ("switch") was the only way of keeping me on the straight and narrow. Ditto my younger sister. Dad was away with work. And a panties-down whuppin' was the only game in town for naughty daughters already !

So proper, safe, bare-bottom canings also complied with my mom's Church faith and the belief in "not sparing the rod" at home. This was twenty years before PC and my neighbours and other moms said my switchin's (on my bare behind) were absolutely appropriate. Oh my, they sure heard them through the doors and windows. The thinnest, rattan cane whipping palest, bare botties and loud princess squeals and screams ! But it was harmless Veronica. Typically 1960s in Georgia !! :-(

So yes Veronica. When those cute denim short and panties are pulled down by mommmies and daddies and hubbies for a hard spanking on our bare bottoms, we realise that we are not so tough after all. The truth hurts for sure. Boo-Hoo :-(
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx