Sunday, October 3, 2010

A lesson you'll never forget!


Ron said...

Ouch, legs straight out, back arched and wow, bet his hand is spanking that lovely butt but good.

Love the outfit, my favorite,

Sexy as always



Ron said...

OK, have to say it, love the panties, wish we saw a shot of them getting warmed up!

Be well


Anonymous said...

Not forgotten Veronica...never forgotten !

I was born into a 1950s strict, religious, conservative household (my lil' sister soon followed) where a stinging bottom was the only form of punishment - quite normal for unruly daughters back then, Veronica. As you know ! Both my parents were spankers but my mom was one of the strictest in our neighborhood and Church group in Atlanta's suburbs. Oh my ! It sure was all about "spare the rod spoil the child "...and mom did not spare the rod. Literally, Veronica ! :-(

The spanking and the terrible sting were memorable Veronica. I am now in my late 50s and have clear recollections. First because my mother used a thin, rattan cane (from age 8 for me) not her hand ! This was known as a traditional, flexible Southern switch. And second, because she always pulled my panties down and punished me on the sensitive, bare skin of my bottom. Oh my ! :-(
Yes, no compromise or mercy Veronica - it was loving, ol' fashioned maternal punishment. But it was harsh Veronica ! But I must say a stinging botty is harmless and part of loving maternal discipline.

Bare botties for the cane was the rule for lil' sis and me. Period !
Again this made sense - a whooping was supposed to sting (!!) and panties pulled down supported my mom's traditional, strict family values, conservative social mores and religious beliefs. Moreover. most of my girlfriends gotten spanked on bare skin not over clothes, by their moms and dads -it was normal discipline in households. And I actually witnessed a number of these punishments of my friends myself Veronica !...that was life in 1960s Georgia. My girlfriend peers all in our 50s still recount these childhood experiences (chatting over drinks, today) as positive necessary parts of Southern culture and correct family values.

Watching my sister get her whiter-than-cotton-white backside tanned by mother with the switch over the years had a big impact on me as a lil' girl growing up. But corporal punishment was a vital part of life and sure did me and my sister good ! For sure, when I became blessed with motherhood in the 1980s (blessed with two wonderful daughters) I raised my girls very strictly and they gotten CP on their bare bottoms when they were naughty. It worked Veronica and they now thank me (having left home over decade ago)

I was proud to be a strict, loving mom and have two memorable perspectives on bare bottom CP as a daughter in the 1960s and a mother in the 1980s/90s. Lessons gotten learned Veronica. And not forgotten !
Strict Nostalgic Daughter and Mother, Brenda xx