Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Rumor confirmed!" ( a voyeuristic fantasy)

Voyeurism (from the French voyeur, "one who looks") can take several forms, but its principal characteristic is that the voyeur does not normally relate directly with the subject of their interest, who is often unaware of being observed. As defined by Wikipedia. (This story is told by a fictitious male, or is it?)

I don't see myself as a voyeur especially since I was just minding my own business on this particular sunny afternoon. I was walking to my car when I looked into a yard and saw a rather attractive girl who caught my eye. There was only a few trees blocking my view and I then realized it was Veronica's house. You see I live up the street from her and heard rumors from some of the neighbors that she often gets spanked by her husband, many times outside on her back porch. Since I never seen it take place they are only rumors for now. Spanking has turned me on ever since I was a young boy and the mere word gives me a boner so I would love nothing more but to watch it take place right now. It'll never happen I thought until I reached for my car door and heard an angry male voice coming from inside the house.
I decided to investigate further so I sought of ducked behind a tree and paid close attention to what was taking place. I could see her sitting out there without a care in the world and looking rather sexy and then I heard the angry male voice again except this time it was more clear and threats of "spanking" can be heard. Oh boy! This is it! I ran to my car and reached for a pair of binoculars I keep in the trunk for hunting. I scurried back and once again hid behind some trees and brush. I was about a hundred feet away from her as she sat there twitching her hands when the man approached her. She got up and he sat down while lecturing her. She was a ravened hair beauty wearing short tan shorts and strappy sandals. She had a smile on her face and almost looked happy even though she was about to get spanked. Within seconds she was laying across his lap and a rain of smacks struck her bottom in rapid motion. My heart pounded as I walked closer and closer. I was now about thirty or so feet away from them but my excited state overpowered my fear of getting caught. I looked through my binoculars and clearly could see her watching me watching her. She was smiling at me and sort of moaning at the same time. She was really enjoying herself but I could see that she also felt the pain on her bottom. After a few minutes had gone by she stood up and began to unbutton her shorts. I nearly exploded!!! The man slowly lowered her shorts and was so preoccupied that he was oblivious to me watching them. She now lay bare-ass and prone across his lap. Her legs kicking up and down, her long hair moving about, her beautiful bare bottom wiggling and her yelps brought me to the point of spontaneous ejaculation. It wa nocturnal emission except I wasn't sleeping. The spanking was over and I quickly ducked down. She looked over at me once again with a smile and disappeared into the house. I took a moment to grasp all that just happened and quietly walked back to my car. The spanking rumors became reality and reality became my secret.


Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Of course we're ALL voyeurs as we read your blog. Still adding that explicit voyeur figure to the story does intensify the result somehow, creating more of what Jean Beaudrillard would call "hyper-reality.


Bit creepy, if this happened in real life but great as a fantasy. I enjoyed that story, thank you.


Ron said...

Nice one Veronica, very out of the box and well let's face some truth to it. If anyone of us lived in your neighborhood I would keep binoculars in my car as well.

Nice story, and nice shorts, your bottom is beautiful and love your looking at the "man" in the woods.

Exceptional fantasy or is it reality???



Anonymous said...

Veronica lucky chap watching your spankings ,love and spanks ,tim xx

Anonymous said...

love your work this spanking got very aroused x