Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Kiss my ASS!"

Telling him to "kiss my ass" proved fatal. I was soon face down and bottoms up across his lap. A rain of slaps on my jean-clad bottom until I was instructed to remove them. Back over his lap for an intense bare bottom lesson and after it was done he leaned forward to kiss my now very sore ass. I just sat there with my bare butt on the cool leather of our couch thinking WOW, he really did kiss my ass. xoxo

5 comments: said...

Love the color treatment on this, Veronica! (And the pictures too.)



Ron said...


Awesome but equally well deserved hard long spanking. As I just said I love the warm up on the jeans. Your bottom is lovely and just hot and spankable.

Best wishes and thanks for sharing,


henk said...

what a great set of pics!.....Thank you

hank said...

What a great set of pics!.....Thanks!..

Anonymous said...