Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Black-n-White Spanking

This is one of my older sets, a very fun spanking I might add. I decided it looked better in black and white so I took the color away to give it a nostalgic feel. I hope you guys and gals enjoy it as much as I do. xoxo


Njspank said...

Good morning,

This phote shoot is so hot in a lot of ways. Just love the black and white shoots, adds something sexy to the pics.

Second I love your dress, what are the colors, just love the sundress style. Third, love the panty spanking and your bottom is just beautiful.

Finally, just a real hot spanking scene.

Thanks for sharing,


becky said...

Love this ones great set of photos.

Brett said...

I like it! Veronica, you look great in black-n-white.

Dave said...

Love the vintage/sepia/black-white always, wonderful photos! :-)))