Monday, March 28, 2011

Front and back!

Front view...

Back view!


Njspank said...

Equally beautiful.

Love the way you fold your hands in front of you, so hot.

You have a lovely face and hot lips!!!

Thanks and be well,


Anonymous said...

Veonica you are a lovely young girl,very naughty of course ,love and spanks tim xxx

Njspank said...

By the way, love the panty being lowered but would love to see them up as well.



Anonymous said...

We love both the front and the back view Veronica !

My hubby and me gotten to love your beautiful face and the front view Veronica. But I gotten used to the back view in the early 1960s as a lil' girl growing up in a household and Church community where corporal punishment was the norm.

I knew spankings were good as punishment because my grandma whipped the bare bottom of my mother with a cane (in the 1930s/40s) and she turned out swell !! The Bible supported smacked bottoms and all the moms and dads at Church said "spare the rod spoil the child". And our lovely neighbors in Atlanta gotten to say the same. So spankings were good. CP was good. And PC was unheard of. PC was also rare even when I raised my own two lil' daughters (very strictly with CP) in the 1980s/90s. That "back view" was familiar to us strict, loving moms Veronica !

Being late 1950s born in Atlanta, the smack of a rattan switch across the sensitive bare skin of my backside was a familiar but scary punishment when I was a child. It was normal punishment. It was the only punishment for me and sister as my mommy gotten staunch Christian family values and strict moral codes. Very traditional and Ol' fashioned (she still has these views on CP being now in her 80s and all !) All the moms of my girl friends talked about CP. The "rod" lived in the downstairs cupboard for our bare botties.

When my younger sister gotten spanked (she sure told lies, but I was more feisty) I always gotten to stand behind and see the back view. When her panties came down my lil' sister's tan lines and whiter-than-white, chubby bum gotten revealed. Exciting ! We were very fair-skinned, sporty, stocky girls but had stark tan lines and golden brown arms/legs/backs with the Georgia sun and conservative 1950s swimsuits and clothes (bought by mother)

I never forget the skin on her soft chubby botty was alabaster- white. Impossibly white Veronica ! It sure saw no Georgia sun. And it gotten impossibly red as the rattan switch danced across it in a random fashion ! She screamed so loud. But my mother knew it was harmless and just appropriate, loving maternal discipline. We deserved those whuppin's Veronica !

I also gotten to see that familiar alabaster-white "back view" in the park as my princess friends gotten their cotton-soft cotton-white botties exposed and burnt by angry mothers. Hard hands resounded on bare skin and hairbrushes in maternal purses. Panties gotten pulled down in public. Corporal punishment was a normal fact of life for us all Veronica. Exciting but scary. We girls/older mothers talk abut it still today (over nice drinks and laughter)

I saw the "back view" plenty around my friends houses as my naughty lil' friends' dresses gotten raised and panties gotten lowered for the wooden spoon or the strap or whippy switch ! Bare white botties gotten whooped scarlet in front of me. No PC or hesitation. CP was for all Veronica. I saw siblings spanked plenty. It was a life of CP in Georgia.....same for you in the 1970s Veronica.

Ad it was nearly always the mommies that carried out the punishments. The dads were at work already. And it was my mother who whipped my sister's and my bare bums too when we needed it.

Oh my ! That nasty, flexible switch on a bare botty sure licked us into shape. And sure licked my daughters into shape too, Veronica. Something I have told many a PC mom in recent years. Oh my ! Love those conversations with PC moms Veronica. Watching their bratty, lil' snowflake daughters throw tantrums and terrorize the shopping mall. Oh my !

As my mother used to say in the 1980s....."your backside needs a switching Brenda "...pull their panties down, expose that soft, sensitive skin on their chubby botties (back at home, by the sofa, in the living room already !) and whoop away with gusto mommy ! "You will be sitting your bare backside on a hornets nest young lady !"
It's what God designed our bums for Veronica !

Strict Nostalgic Mommy Brenda xx