Thursday, March 10, 2011

My bottom needs some TLC!

After a good spanking I need something cold on my bottom. Perhaps some cold cream or a bucket with ice. I know, how about some cold ice cream, yum! yum!



I had a little guffaw when I read the title of this post, as I am sure that many who originate from the UK did. On this side of the pond "Fanny" is a euphemism for a part of the female anatomy other than the bottom.

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OldFashionGirl said...

You are so right, I'll change it to bottom. Thanks for pointing that out. xoxo

Njspank said...

My dear, if there is ever a testimony to how wonderful, beautiful and spankable your bottom is, well just look at that picture.

Hey besides, you say fanny here, we all know fanny is your lovely bottom!!

What a great picture.



Njspank said...

How about a nice cold cold, from a iced cooler, bottle of beer, on your beautiful hot bottom???


OldFashionGirl said...

I prefer ice cream, lol. xoxo

Anonymous said...

yes fanny is a bottie in U.S.A.,love and spanks ,tim xx

Anonymous said...

TLC and whuppin's - both are kind ?!

Hubby and I always agree with you Veronica :-) and oh my, what a curvy, lush bottom Veronica xx

My mommy's view on TLC for daughters was slightly different when we were lil' girls in Georgia Veronica. She said spankings were "kind". Her philosophy was constructed of faith, family values, social mores and conventional wisdom in the typically 1950s' suburban communities (although this was the 1960s, not much had changed regarding domestic discipline for naughty lil' princesses)

Mommy kept a nasty, lil' rattan switch in the cupboard. We didn't need to cut one in the garden !! For a whuppin', mommy always raised our pretty dresses and pulled down our lil cotton panties.

Our botties were always bare for switchin's. No exceptions Veronica. She said it was necessary for punishment. Switchin' over clothes was self-defeating, as a stinging behind was the objective.

Mom frequently said that panties pulled down was "kind" for me and my sister because we felt like naughty lil' madams, and the sting made us feel and fear mother's discipline.

It was "kind" to mom too, because she created an appropriately harsh but fair and harmless sting in a safe and effectiveness fashion. Baring our sensitive - skinned botties made it easy for mommy to spank us with the switch. Quickly and carefully. Oucheeeees ! I agree, it was the only way to do it kindly Veronica.

Decades later, my younger girl friends ( not from the South!) found this "kind" description ridiculous. And they even suggested "cruelty" from my mother. But Veronica, these friends completely misunderstood the culture of the South in the 1960s/70s. Of course, my mom's strict, loving ideas did seem strange by the 1990s and the naughty step era. But when I was growing up, having my pale, pudgy botty bared for that lil' switch was a normal, routine part of my and my sister's upbringing. My mother was right was indeed "kind". Just simple (but also complex!) old-fashioned TLC.
Thank you for your blog Veronica
Naughty Lil' Ol'fashioned Brenda xx