Friday, June 10, 2011

In rapid succession

Whack,Whack, Whack..... Fast and to the point with no pause and lasting at a minimum of two or more minutes. Most often that is how I receive my spankings. No pause, no rubbing just a sequence of rapid smacks on my tush, a pure disciplinary spanking. My butt will turn red in a matter of seconds as a rain of fire strikes my tender, naked bum. Here are some spankings I got that his hand moved with the speed of lightening.

Approximately 100 smacks in one minute, OUCH!

A typical scene in my home: pants down and over-the-knee getting a rather rapid spanking with the slipper. This one was in the afternoon.

Another slipper spanking late at night.

I kicked so much during this spanking that my legs hurt the next day.

Another kicking-fest!

This spanking has not yet begun but when it did my bottom went from creamy white to bright red in less then 60 seconds.

One of my older spankings took place in front of several guest. I couldn't sit for a week.


Njspank said...

Great pics my dear and love to see your beautiful bottom being turned red by your husbands hand and slipper, all well deserved.

Love the sequence and comments.

Many thanks and regards

Aunty Andrea said...

Lovely pictures. Hubby is a lucky man. Love to see those legs kick.

Brett B said...

They're what we call proper old-fashioned spankings. Thanks for sharing, Veronica.

CindysDave said...

You've been spanked bare bottom in front of guests? That's something I fantasize about doing with my girlfriend all the time. We just haven't found the right "understanding" people yet. How did they react? Did it make it more exciting for you and your husband?

Hugs and swats,

OldFashionGirl said...

@Dave, it was very exciting but we were all quite drunk that night and since it was my "birthday spanking" it sort of blended in. I wore no panties with that dress and everyone knew it so getting it on the bare bottom seemed natural.

CindysDave said...

Too sweet! I love your blog. It's the first one I check each day.

Hugs and swats,