Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Older female spanks younger...SEXY!

I often wondered what it would be like to get a good spanking from an older woman? If it ever happens I hope it would go down like this video clip. Here is such a spanking taking place in one very "HOT" scene so enjoy. xoxo



Anonymous said...

Veronica, do you know who the players are or what the name of the production company was? As you suggest, this spanking was clearly intended to arouse the recipient. I take it this is another sample from Uncle Joe's archives?

Karl Friedrich Gauss

OldFashionGirl said...

Hi Karl, I think it's Alexis Payne (spanker) and Piper (spankee). Not sure of the name and yes its's from my uncles stash. xoxo

Njspank said...


Yes it is Alexis, wow she is hot.

Begs the question my friend, have you ever been spanked by another lady? Or only Tony?

Thanks for a hot start to the day.


Anonymous said...

very nice the lil girl gets big spanks ,love and spanks ,tim xx

Anonymous said...

How many spanking videos would you estimate Uncle Joe has in his collection, Veronica?

Karl Friedrich Gauss

OldFashionGirl said...

@Karl, I know he has a lot of old Nu-West videos and some Cal-Star and some I never heard of. From the videos I swiped most are from the 1980's on VHS and I have to convert them to DVD then convert again to AVI or WMV so you fine folks can watch them. It takes a lot of effort but they are some fine calssics. I would say he has around 50-75 VHS spanking tapes. I only take 10 at one time as not to get caught.

Anonymous said...

the movie is titled "girls school spanking" by London Enterprises Video.

will you ever be spanked by another lady?

OldFashionGirl said...

I would like to be spanked by another girl, yes. I just need to talk it over with Tony and find the right woman. We'll see, only time can tell. xoxo

CindysDave said...


Best of luck finding a woman both you and Tony are comfortable with sharing your bare red bottom. I hope if you do we'll get to enjoy the photos as well!

Cindy and I often talk about finding a woman to share with us as well. Maybe a "Mommy" figure who could spank us both!

Hugs and swats,

Anonymous said...

As a strict mommy in my 50s (who was a very strictly raised daughter in the 1960s) I will for sure give you a good, hard, bare bottom spanking Veronica , young lady ! And you will not get away with it lightly, like this naughty lil' missy here has already !

Very sexy this - my hubby agrees. But a much stricter mommy is required !! That sensitive, lily-white botty need a fast and furious, no-nonsense tanning with momma's best friend - the wooden hairbrush. To give her an unbearable stinging backside ! Or my nice, lil' stingy, rattan swotch (terrible Oucheeees to unprotected botty !) That would make her squeal a lot more Veronica. That would be realistic just desserts for a naughty lil' brat.

My hubby knows that when I was raised in Georgia in the 1960s, when I was naughty, my strict mommy would lift my skirt and pull down my white cotton panties (like in this video) but she would then whip the exposed, sensitive, alabaster-white skin with a flexible rattan switch until my botty was as red as a water melon ! No half-measures. I screamed the house down because the sting was ferocious Veronica (the neighbours could hear everything with doors/windows open in the Southern summer...and they approved of mom's "Faithful Church rod" on our bare bums)

And watching my younger, lil' sister get many a whuppin' with the rattan cane and seeing her fairest-white, cotton-skinned backside (in contrast to her golden brown sun tan lines) get bared and whipped scarlet-sore for lying or bad tantrums was the biggest impact on my life Veronica. Scary but exciting already ! Oh my, those strict, home-making 1960s !

Veronica, yes you do need a good bare botty whipping with my switch (I am a strict mommy in my 50s) Just like my sister and I gotten growing up. My mom is in her 80s now, but I recommend Dana Specht, Clare Fonda and all the realistic, strict, lovely mommies on (like Miss Anna, Tasha Lee - check out latest Veronica) ) to smack your bare tender behind thoroughly in Southern home-making style. Not like this softly wishy-washy way here though it is ;-) Oh my !
And of course Veronica - there are always the Nu West videos to enjoy again. Debbie and her mommy !

Strict Mommy Brenda xx