Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Domestic discipline at its very best.

I was watching this video from the 1980's and fell in love with this domestic scene. The father does an excellent job both with his acting and spanking, he is very convincing. The girl has one of the most gorgeous bottoms I have ever seen and does a good job playing the sassy daughter. In this scene the girl sasses her father who in turn smacks her face quite hard and sends her to her room for a spanking. The spanking scene is not over-the-knee but over-the-bed and intensifies at the end turning her round bottom red. In the end she is left rubbing her red sore bottom. To date this is by far one of my favorite domestic father spanks daughter scenes. The spankee is Kiri Kelly but not sure who the spanker is. The production company is Cal-Star.


Njspank said...

Good morning,

Another wake up call and yes it is a lovely bare bottom spanking for the just awesome Kiri Kelly.

I must say however I personally do not like the face slap, just not me but the spanking is awesome.

Hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for another gem!

Be well and regards

Anonymous said...

From what I've read about her, Kiri Kelly was very much into spanking. Another nice find. Thanks for sharing!

Karl Friedrich Gauss

Anonymous said...

question? where is that video of the older lady spanking a blonde young lady otk, I cant find it anymore here. Always your fan.

Emily ;P

Anonymous said...

The guy went by "JD" if I remember correctly. As for Kiri Kelley, she was for many of us the queen of spankees in the '80's....she did both Nuwest, and ShadowLane videos back then. Ed Lee, of NuWest, did one where he introduced her as a young girl who was seeking her first "real" spanking...he gacve her one, as he always did, and it is just about my favorite spanking video of all times, other than my own....her reactions and faces are priceless, not to mention htat flawless white bottom!!+

OldFashionGirl said...

@Emily: Not sure which one you're talking about but I'll look into all my past clips and let you know. xoxo

@ Anonymous: Yes she does have a great bottom, glad you liked it. xo

@Karl: Thanks, glad you liked it. xoxo

@Ron: Always happy to make your day. xoxo

Anonymous said...

No wonder they can act so well, back in that time scenes like this frequently happened in real life, everybody knew the experience. At least, I did...

Aunty Andrea said...

Always lovely to see a well done scene of domestic discipline, it is not something that is easy do in a believable manner.

Anonymous said...

Kiri is a well spanked little girl,love and spanks ,tim xx

Anonymous said...

Hey, Emily here just wondering I posted earlier about that vid with the older lady administering a stingy hand spanking to a young woman(blonde) with pulled down jeens otk I just cant find it anywhere and its no longer on your site pleaseeeee can you help me out it would be greatly appreciated

Best Regards

Anonymous said...

That's how my father dealt with me as a naughty lil' girl Veronica ! Great video :-)

Veronica, I craved videos like this in the late 1970s and early 80s as a student and independent working girl. Just as I now crave and very strict, realistic mother/daughter scenes.

I loved the Nu West magazine photos and which I found compelling - reminding me of my strict upbringing in the 1960s/70s when corporal punishment was a foundation stone for my sister and me growing up.

Father was strict. But mommy was far stricter and took charge of bottom smacking duties ! Dad was often away and approved of mom's stern, Ol' fashioned approach. Oh my ! He wanted his two daughters raised with traditional family values, Church faith, education. Sound spankings were integral Veronica !!

Mommy kept a dreaded, thin, whippy rattan cane in the cupboard. She called it the switch. And she talked about "not sparing he rod". So did Grandma ! Sister and I called the switch, the "hornets nest". Oucheeeees:-(

The switch was always administered with our botties totally bare and our cotton shorts and white, cotton panties pulled down to our knees (a brief formal baring process by mother) no exceptions. That's how punishment was given in our house. My mother never once let us keep our panties up ! It was not in her strict nature Veronica. She said we needed to feel it stinging on a bare botty !!
Quite right too in retrospect ! She's in her 80s now and still holds the same views ha-ha, Oh my how lovely and cute Veronica :-)

Bare botty wuppin's were traumatic but also kind in that Ol' fashioned Southern parental way Veronica ! And were part of family culture in our house. And in most of my princess friends' houses too already !
Proper bare bottom spankings were normal growing up, but later in life, with the advent of PC in the 1990s, they seemed to take on a different and prominent context.

My sister and I have always been open talking about our upbringing. Again, part of Southern, Ol' fashioned ways :-)
Brenda xx