Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bottoms on display...

for all to see what a naughty girl I am.


Aunty Andrea said...

And why was that pretty bottom reddened this time, dear?

Anonymous said...

Hey... nice deck!


Bottom's pretty dang cute too.

OldFashionGirl said...

@ Aunty: It's from a very recent outdoor spanking I got. xoxo

@ Anonymous: Thank you my hubby built the deck with a friend and I built my bottom from aerobics. xoxo

Anonymous said...

love it

Anonymous said...

cute bottyfor spanks ,Veronica ,love and spanks ,tim xxx

Njspank said...

You are just so adorable and what a lovely bottom, hope you were well spanked.

Aunty, I don't think our friend needs much of a reason to get spanked.

Thanks xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

What a lovely bottom Veronica ! :-)

This picture paints a thousand narratives, for role play and ideas. ..to discuss with my hubby. I love the outdoor themes...well it is Texas !

I was always in shorts and t shirts as an outdoors-type little girl; and summer spankings were more memorable. When papa was at work, mummy was in charge of discipline. She was anyway !

This could be me in cutey sneakers and shorts awaiting a tanned backside. Sometimes I recall shorts and panties being tugged down to knees in one movement. Scary ! I had to put my hands on my head for baring. And after too , when mum pulled my panties and shorts back up again (over smarting red skin) to signify that the spanking was over. She was very formal like that !

So here I am waiting for the cane. In truth, it was always indoors but it was hardly private. Open doors and windows gave the neighbours a front row audio experience.

My mum never got embarrassed. But i hated the fact that they could hear the rattan cane smacking the bare skin on my poor botty - a very noticeable sound !! CRINGE, CRINGE And of course my loud yelling.

So worrying about neighbours was as bad as the sting for a little missy ! Cute in retrospect I guess. Brenda x