Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Sometimes doing the right thing is still wrong"

Sometimes I get spanked for trying to do the right thing and this was one of those times. I phoned my husband and told him I was going out with my friend Kelly after work for a few drinks and some dancing. He asked who Kelly was and I told him a good friend from work. Kelly and I had a great time but I had one drink too many and called the house for Tony to come and pick me up. Tony was scheduled to work the night shift and asked if I can stay at Kelly's place until the morning and he'll come get me then. It worked out great because we were just walking distance from Kelly's apartment. I went to my car and got an old bathing suit cover-up that I can use as a nightgown. Back at Kelly's apartment I phoned Tony again to give him the address and say goodnight, I then fell asleep on Kelly's bed and Kelly slept on the couch. The following morning the buzzer rang, It was Tony at the door. Kelly was leaving to put the trash out and buy the morning paper just when Tony entered the apartment. They greeted each other and Kelly left. Tony's jaw dropped, you see he thought Kelly was a girl but Kelly was in fact a guy. Then he saw that my bathing suit cover-up was rather transparent and I was not wearing any panties. I told him that it was his idea for me to sleep here and he should not of assumed that Kelly was a girl since it is also a guys name. He just grabbed me and put me across his knee and spanked me hard, real hard. When we left the apartment Kelly was just entering, he asked me if I was okay and I told him thanks for the hospitality. I think Kelly knew that I was spanked, he had no paper with him and seemed sought of nervous. Tony did apologize for spanking me later that evening and called Kelly up to thank him for taking good care of me. I couldn't stay mad at Tony so I forgave him, besides I love to get spanked! xoxo

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