Thursday, October 20, 2011

"A sore bottom at bedtime"

Here I am watching television before going to sleep when all of the sudden my husband walks into the bedroom and asked me for the remote control. I snickered and told him to change the Channel without the remote control, "God forbid" any of you men actually get up and manually change the Channel without the remote. Of course this angered him and he now demanded for me to give him the remote control! I snickered some more and pulled up my nightgown and told him to "KISS MY ASS!" I then grabbed the remote and began changing all the Channels at random while having my bare ass on display. I began to wiggle my butt and tease him as I held onto the remote for dear life. He then reached down and removed his slipper throwing it on the bed next to me, he sat down at the edge of the bed and took me over his knee. He reached back and grabbed his slipper and began spanking my nightgown-clad bottom which did not offer much protection because it was so thin and I had no panties underneath.
After several firm whacks over my nightgown he bared my bottom and yelled "I'LL KISS YOUR ASS!" The spanking became more intense and you could hear the slaps echoing throughout the house. I kicked and squirmed so much that I managed to get free but he pulled me over his lap again and continued the spanking. When it was over I inspected my bottom in the mirror, it was sooo red and burned like the dickens. I lied back down on my tummy hoping the night air will cool my hot bottom and fell asleep.



I managed to escape but he grabbed me and put me back across his lap!

I inspected my sore bottom in the mirror.

I fell asleep with a war bottom.


BCD said...

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Njspank said...

Bet you slept well with your beautiful bottom so well tended to, just hot spanking.


Aunty Andrea said...

Your bottom was kissed, just not the way you expected it to be.

leffers said...

Changes you behave better next time are pretty much still.....ahum....remote?!,i'm funny!......awesome pics though!

Joe said...

Veronica, your husband appears to be somewhat ambidextrous... Does he also write with either hand, or is his special ability limited to only spanking with either hand? :)

OldFashionGirl said...

@BCD: Thanks, thanks, thanks! Lol. xoxo
@Ron: I didn't sleep well because my bottom was sooo sore. xoxo
@Aunty:It certainly was and with a darn slipper. xoxo
@Leffers: You are soooo right! xoxo
@Joe:As a matter of fact he is ambidextrous and he spanks harder with his left hand. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Veronica you had big spanks from your hubby ,love and spanks ,tim xxx