Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"The dinner guest"

It's been years since I saw my childhood friend Tony so I was quite excited to catch up on old times. I'm happy that I bumped into my old friend at the mall and even happier when Tony invited me over for dinner. When I rang the doorbell I was greeted by a stunning brunette who introduced herself as Veronica, Tony's wife. As I entered the house Tony and I sat in the living room talking about old times while his gorgeous wife prepared supper for us. Several hours have gone by when Veronica called us into the dining room. Tony sat at one end of the table and I at the other end while Veronica retrieved our wonderful meal. A few moments later Veronica entered empty handed and whispered something into Tony's ear. I can see my friend was becoming upset, apparently Veronica had burned our meal. Instead of keeping an eye out for our food she was watching television upstairs. Within seconds Veronica was laying face down and bottoms up across Tony's knee. It took several seconds for me to realize that my friend was going to spank his beautiful wife right there in front of me. Veronica looked over at me and smiled as if she was glad I was watching and then the spanking began. I can see her bare legs kicking up and down and her long flowing hair swing side-to-side but besides some moaning she did not scream or cry but was rather enjoying herself. I have always fancied adult spanking and even own some spanking DVDs at home so this was a real treat for me. From spanking her over her short white sweater dress to spanking her pink pantie-clad bottom to an all out bare bottom spanking. I just sat there mesmerized as her bottom jiggled and turned red before my very eyes. Once the lengthy spanking was over Tony apologized for his wife's behavior and went into the other room leaving me sitting there watching Veronica rub her lovely bottom. She too apologized and went back into the kitchen to prepare another meal. Yes, I'm happy I ran into my old friend at the mall and even happier he had invited me over for dinner.


Njspank said...

Love the boots, love the nice red/pink panty and the nice long panty spanking and yes the lovely bottom all bare and red, very hot.


Anonymous said...

So how did he know you wouldn't freak?
I love stories of women being spanked in front of guests, thanks