Monday, December 26, 2011

"It's not easy being Santa"

It's Christmas day, late afternoon and many of our friends just arrived to share this special day with us. I cooked a goose and we all eat until we are stuffed. Now it's time to open the presents! Tony tells me to hand out the gifts and has all of our friends gather around in the living room. I excuse myself and go into the bedroom to put on my Santa suit, it's a bit risque but I love playing the tease and Tony did ask me to be Santa. I enter the living room and Tony's jaw drops (not to mention all the other guys) and his face turns red. Tony orders me into the other room but I ignore him and begin to hand out the presents. He then scolds me in front of our guest and I lift up my red dress to reveal my red panties and tell him to "KISS MY ASS!" Before I knew what was happening I'm staring at the floor, yes I'm laying over his lap and his hand strikes my bottom with a vengeance. Except for a few chuckles our guest say nothing. Soon my panties are yanked down to reveal my white but soon to be red bottom. The slaps fill the room like claps of thunder and all eyes are fixated on my poor bottom. I kick and squirm, pout and plead until finally his duty as my husband to spank me is over. I'm lifted off his lap and rub my bottom and think to myself "it's not easy being Santa." XoXo


Aunty Andrea said...

So, you were both naughty and nice at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Veronica very nice ,love and spanks tim xx

Ernie said...

Veronica, without doubt, you have a very spankable bottom...One of the all time spankable bottoms as far as I can see. Happy New Year:)

Enzo said...

Love the story...just wish I had been invited to the party. I would have loved to have been a witnessed to this Christmas classic. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my just look at your lovely, naughty, lush Christmas botty in that final photo Veronica. You sure are Santa's number one naughty lil' brat.
Christmas for me is a time for reflection and nostalgia. And for all of us I am sure. Yes, it is about Christmas past, present and future.

For me Christmas and childhood wonder and nostalgia will always involve spanking. That was just how I gotten raised in a religious family with my sister in 1960s Georgia. We girls gotten corporal punishment on our bare bottoms as a normal routine for naughty behavior.

Naturally Veronica, my own two daughters then gotten corporal punishment on their bare bottoms by yours truly in the 1980s and 90s. Like mother, like daughter, they now thank me for my traditional, maternal, strict loving values and punishment in their childhood years (they are only just in their thirties already)

And now of course my hubby gives me corporal punishment on my bare bottom when I am naughty exactly like gotten as a child from my mother (with the cane !) who is now in her 80s and very fit and well.

I am now in my late 50s and the best thing at Christmas is looking at your soft, naughty, chubby botty Veronica. You are such a naughty lil' Christmas daughter.
Christmas is nostalgic and spanking in my family over generations has always been part of normal life. Yes, very Southern already for sure !
Strict Mom Brenda xx