Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Another red bottom moment


Njspank said...

Just lovely


Paul (Tubaman) said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Veronica - delicious photo. My mom told me as a little girl that pulling down panties for a visit from the rattan cane, was good for her as the spanker, as well as for me (as the naughty daughter)

She said the actual sight of my bare botty and being able to smack effectively on sensitive, bare skin had a calming effect on my cross mom. Her anger dissipated. White skin turned red and my yells and cries were of a sorry little madam.

She had won the battle and I would be very effectively disciplined with minimum effort ! Ouchy ! So my mother garnered respect in this instance

My bare botty also facilitated for a very safe & controlled application of the cane. A nasty sting does no harm ( and is the idea of a smacked bottom !) and all strokes were carefully administered.

Mummy knew I was humbled and panties down gave complete control to her.

So she concluded that my bare botty was kind for her as the aggrieved mother & spanker, and kind for lil' ol' me as the naughty daughter & spankee !! It sounds weird Veronica,, and was old-fashioned for sure, but it was so key to her "strict, caring, loving maternal philosophy" Thanks. Brenda x