Sunday, March 25, 2012

Starting the week off right

I just woke up this morning and noticed that my bottom is still very, very sore from the spanking I received last night. Anthony spanked me soundly with a hairbrush and now I ask myself, will I need a pillow for work tomorrow? Will my co-workers ask me why I'm sitting on a pillow? Should I tell them I was soundly spanked by my hubby? All these questions are running through my head. Hmmm, the life of a naughty girl.


Anonymous said...

Veronica, your bottom (which is quite beautiful, to say the least) looks so delightful with a red, well spanked, blush. As for telling your co-workers, keep them guessing. They should be so lucky to have their own bottoms red and sore!

Njspank said...

Veronica, if I worked with you and you told me that I would most likely pass out, wow. Hairbrush spankings will do that to a naughty bottom.