Thursday, March 1, 2012

Two great clips

The first clip is a young Dallas who happens to be one of my favorite spankers.

The second clip is the lovely Samantha, one of my favorite spankees.


Njspank said...

Thanks for sharing, Samantha has just a lovely bottom and Dallas' young lady does as well.

Be well

sunbeach said...

She is the most delightful and spankable model on the scene today.

Anonymous said...

who is the girl otk of Dallas anyone know?love and spanks ,Veronica ,timxx

Anonymous said...

Yes Veronica, Samantha has the most recognisable round, pale, soft-skinned botty on the scene...after your good lush self already Veronica, of course :-)

I do so hope this fairest, white sensitive skin on Samantha's backside was bared and soundly spanked by her parents when she was naughty, growing up Veronica. " Don't spare the rod already". But I have not seen any biographies of hers to suggest this was the case. Why should she not gotten the whuppins that I did as a daughter ?!!! Oh my . Not fair mommy!

I would love to see her spanked by those lovely, strict Ol' fashioned mommies on Like Samantha Baker, Miss Anna and Dana Specht. Just realistic mom/daughter bare botty discipline with hairbrushes Veronica !

I would so love to see you soundly spank Samantha Woodley, Veronica. Again traditional, no-nonsense furious, hard-working mother style ! Bare botty naturally. Texas style already !

And I would certainly give her a traditional Georgia switching on her bare bottom; with my lil' thin, flexible, rattan switchy-stick (as I was raised !!!) Perfect for her fairy-soft, most tender of tender Princess botties Veronica ! Let's see Samantha do the switchy-dance and wail and blubber !

Samantha Woodley often has amazing tan lines Veronica, and has the cutest whiter than white skin on her most sensitive of "seats of learning". So very 1960s ! Sometimes the velvety skin on her botty is as white as her soft, cotton panties in this video Veronica. Just like the tan lines and lily-white, chubby, lil' Coppertone bottoms that my sister and I had back in Georgia as naughty lil' ones in the 1960s...and duly bared by our mom for a switching ! :-(
Tan lines are Ol' fashioned today and I belief are associated with spanking in strict domestic times of yore !

Samantha is the ultimate naughty girl next door (just like you are too Veronica )and fits so well into 1950s type domestic parental spanking scenarios. The natural scenarios that my sister and I actually experienced in the 1960s !!
Strict Mommy Brenda xx