Monday, April 30, 2012

"Rump roast anyone?"

Just don't overcook it!!!


Njspank said...

Bottom like yours can not be over cooked, besides your man knows the right temps to turn that bottom into.


Aunty Andrea said...

I don't think your pretty little behind can be cooked too much, young lady.

Anonymous said...

Southern style grillin' Veronica...I know how you feel.

Yes, as a little girl growing up in the 1960s, it was upon the fairest, tender, white skin of my bare backside that strict and loving discipline was administered by my mother with a dreaded, little rattan switch. It was just a normal occurrence with my mom being very old -fashioned , with stern family values about tough love and discipline. She was incredibly kind and caring, but when my sister and I were very naughty; then out came the switch, and down came our lil' cotton panties.

Our mother purchased this lil' cane so that it would sting more than her hand. And so she was only ever gonna use it on our pale, bare-skinned botties (gulp !) rather than over protective coverings ! The ides of a panties up or down debate was nonsense Veronica. I got it bare botty from the first to the last.

Having the thin, whippy switch in the cupboard allowed for spontaneous, rapid punishment. No need to go and cut a switch, like my girly friends had to ...and we princesses talked about spankings all the time. So did my sister and I....we still do Veronica.

When I saw Nu West/leda videos and photos as a working independent woman in the 1980s, I was absolutely mesmerized Veronica. The "Debbie and mother" scenes are so realistic and accurate ! Just like my bare bottom switchin's from mommy when I was a naughty little girl.

It's hard yo explain to some people how different and strict domestic life was back in the day. Especially in Southern States like Georgia, as you well know Veronica. Texas whuppin's to you girl ! :-) oh the memories !
Hugs, Brenda x

Whuppin's were rec