Tuesday, May 29, 2012

An Old-Fashioned Spanking...

what every girl needs and secretly wants.


Aunty Andrea said...

An old fashioned spanking for an old fashioned girl.

Anonymous said...

What every girl wants? i sincerely hope this is true, and you being a female should know far better than myself for obvious reasons. However i know first hand that this is not always the case OFG; but thank you for your encouraging comments .

Correction Man.

Njspank said...

That is so well said, I believe many of us secretly and not so secretly want that spanking, or give one!

What a beautiful bottom.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely right Veronica ;-)

In truth, I could have done without the smack of the maternal hairbrush or cane across the snow white, super -sensitive skin of my bare botty growing up Veronica!!.....yes, I have told my mother many times ha-ha. But once I progressed beyond my pink bratty princess years...I was keenly handing my boyfriends the Southern strap !! Lol. Brenda x