Thursday, May 10, 2012

Peeling the layers back...

must be fun for all you spanker's out there! Nothing like watching a clothed bottom shake and jiggle and then you lift up your girls dress and watch as her panty-clad bottom start to turn all red. Then the grand finale as you slowly pull down her panties and stare at her bare bottom, watch it turn red and jiggle some more. Oh what it must be like to be a spanker with all that control. xoxo


Njspank said...

The progression is the best and most fun part, I love the change of sounds as clothing is moved away and lowered to the ultimate skin on skin.

Great post, thanks

Anonymous said...

Yes it is darling girl great fun indeed love andspanks,timxx

Anonymous said...

Oooh awwh Veronica. You poor lil' one. Boo-Hoo. Oucheeeees!
A nasty raw, stingy slipper on the tender bare. I so approve young lady. And so would my mom ha-ha. She would call it a proper smacked bottom - no wishy washy attitudes. No namby pamby spankings. Nice and safe but very stingy on exposed white botties Gulp ! Ol' fashioned! That's how I was strictly raised - although my mommy used a rattan switch on my bare behind not a slipper.

Harsh upbringings were ours in the 1960s South, Veronica! But my lil' sister and I didn't know any different. Mommy was the boss, and domestic life was strict, loving and simple. And bare botty whuppin's as punishment were harsh but fair !
Nostalgic Brenda xx