Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spanked outdoors

Here is a scene from one of my favorite DVDs "The Mischief Makers 2" from Shadow lane.


Njspank said...

Never saw this one and wow, love the long panty spanking, see it works and is very sexy. Also did I notice she was holding onto his ankle, well like you hold onto Tony's?

Hot vid, thanks

Anonymous said...

Yes with beautiful Samantha of firm hand spanking ,love andspanks,timxx

Anonymous said...

Great clip, lovely girl, good sound spanking without going OTT. However, I think he should have let those legs kick and kept the spanking going - nothing like a nice long pair of legs kicking away whilst the bottom burns!

Anonymous said...

A very firm hard hand spanking she had a nice round ass and panties were wonderful he did a good job and hand spanks wee nice and hard firm she is so cute and i bet naughty as well

Anonymous said...

Veronica...I find outdoor spankings sexy and fascinating. As a lil' girl I was excited to see the odd spanking in public, where an exasperated mom would raise a cute, Southern belle dress (in the car park !) pull down a pair of lil' panties and redden a tender, bare naughty lil' madam's cotton -white botty for good measure. Oh my the 1960s in Georgia were so incredibly old-fashioned !

Most surprisingly my mummy did not spank me in public, despite her being extremely strict over all (one of the strictest moms in our community Veronica)
She always waited til' we got home. Gulp! Mummy was conservative, and thought it unsuitable and demeaning to smack in public. Also, surprisingly, she did not think it appropriate to bare my bottom in public...and my mother never spanked over clothes. Gulp again !
Oh my, it was very different when we got home. In private, when we daughters were very naughty, our botties could be suitably bared for a whuppin'. And that's the only way my mother believed we should experience s spanking. On the bare !! It was punishment (duly postponed earlier from the shopping mall!) and so for sister and me, mom always used a lil' thin rattan switch kept permanently in the cupboard (no need to cut one)and she always applied it to the bare skin on our naughty lil' wishy-washy attitude adjustment on our house !!

Of course, when I was older, I wished I had got my bare backside tanned in public by mother in the 1960s/70s ha-ha. So that's my hubby's job now Veronica ;-)
Naughty lil' Brenda xx