Monday, June 25, 2012

Getting it good!!!


Anonymous said...

From the colour of your backside you certainly chose the correct title in *Getting It Good* and that is exactly how it should be administered in a no nonsense mannner.

Correction Man.

Aunty Andrea said...

There is nothing about this that isn't good, Veronica.

Njspank said...

Let's again face facts here, with your wonderful husband and lap you just love "Gettin it Good" and no boubt earned it.



Anonymous said...

" just wait til I get you home young lady", said pop, dragging his daughter, Veronica, out of the toy shop. She had been so unruly; throwing a tantrum and stamping her feet in her girly trainers. Poor daddy had to tell the shop assistant that he was taking naughty Veronica home for a thoroughly well-deserved, jolly good hard spanking on her bare botty. With her shorts and panties pulled down. Job done. Brenda x