Monday, November 12, 2012

Corner time

Corner time, quiet time or time out are moments to reflect on what I did wrong. My freshly spanked bottom on display can be very embarrassing, after all I am a grown woman! But yet I feel like a child when I stand in the corner with my panties down and sobbing. Why do I get so turned on by corner time? Why do I feel so submissive during corner time? Why do so many of you enjoy watching me get corner time?


Anonymous said...

I once read that "we are all children in grown up bodies". And in some respects I believe that is true. Endorphin released during and after a spanking can be a powerful turn on. I know for myself a beautiful woman in the corner with a well spanked bottom is very erotic!
I have stated before but I will reiterate again that I love your blog and your openness to share with others. Thank you.
And no disrespect to your husband, but you quietly sobbing, red butt, standing in the corner, and completely submissive is “Hot”!

OldFashionGirl said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it. xoxo!

Njspank said...


I love seeing your well spanked bottom in the corner, in fact, it is extremely erotic and well incredible to see the pictures. Love this particular outfit by the way and the panty half mast, wow, amazing.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

do you ever regret being in corner and dont want be there untill next time after good spanking

madison ohio

OldFashionGirl said...

@Mike: I don't mind corner time since it gives me time to reflect on what I did wrong and is a vital part of domestic discipline. During the actual spanking you are not thinking of what you did wrong because of all the pain so that's why corner time is so important. xoxo

Anonymous said...

veronica i can agree and understand when your in corner you get think about how hard spankings was and why your there too and reason you were spanked and put there

also during the spanking i know the pain and crying is more important at the time and you wishing in head spanking be over and can get to corner you know comming

madison ohio