Wednesday, January 2, 2013

She's been a bad, bad girl!


Njspank said...

Very hot, these two are awesome. Thanks for sharing, nice spanking as well.

smuccatelli said...

She must have been, to be spanked so soundly and embarrassingly bare-bottomed like that.
The spanker looks disconceringly like Janeane Garofalo. ;-)

Enzo said...

Yet another great find !
(Where did you find this?)
Any chance of seeing you spanked by a female?

Happy New Year to you!

Anonymous said...

Great scene Veronica. When I was a naughty lil' one back in those old-fashioned 1960s in Georgia, my mommy garnered respect from other moms for her very strict and loving discipline that she applied to my sister and me. My mom was older too.
It seems incredible to write this now, but my mommy was an expert bottom smacker and amongst other moms in the community, this was something to be proud of. Something the other mummies wanted to emulate.
One coffee morning, my mother once showed other moms the little, rattan switch that she kept in the cupboard. This was most memorable and impactful. Especially as she explained how she used it on our little bare bums !

I remember those sensible, snuggy, big cotton panties...appropriate for lil' madams in conservative times. Well, my mom always pulled them down to our knees; so that the fairest white sensitive skin on our chubby lil' botties would be devoid of any protection against the ferocious sting of the rattan switch. Bare backsides were routine for punishment our house. Quite right too Veronica !

Mum's whuppin's on our bare skin were extremely uncomfortable, but I must stress, were harmless as part of very strict but loving old-fashioned discipline. Being an expert bottom smacker of naughty daughters, was an accolade for no-nonsense, suburban mummies back then Veronica. Bizarre as it seems :-)
Naughty Brenda xx