Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

We may not always agree with her methods but she's still our mom.


Anonymous said...

Love it (and the tears ;) ) Mother/daughter spankings are the best <3 <3

Ms. Ash

Njspank said...

Oh I love her ways...reminds me of growing up! Nice one, thanks

Anonymous said...

Yes, love my mom. Love our mommies....oh dear, Oucheeees, Boo-Hoo. Oh my the nostalgia stings...

Veronica, Oh my, a strict, loving mommy after my own heart in this picture !!! She is a homemaking hero Veronica :-)
Yes, regarding misbehaving daughters, I am not sure that the PC inspired naughty step is as good as the traditional wooden spoon on a bare botty ?!
A a naughty lil' girl growing up in Georgia in the 1960s, I used to fear and feel the smack of a nasty, rattan cane across the alabaster-white skin of my bare backside. "Don't spare the rod" was my strict mother's mantra ! And so according to strict, Southern values, traditional family values and Southern faith, my mom introduced the lil' dreaded flexible rattan switch (when we were eight). And it was kept very accessible (and scary) in the cupboard. I have recounted countless spankings to friends and family over the decades, often with my mum and sister and dad present too. Spanking was just part of growing up for me and my younger sister in the strict Atlanta suberbs.

We always gotten the switch with our shorts, and lil' white panties (or jammies and swim suits) at half mast and our chubby, magnolia-white botties totally bare. No compromises !!! That was "don't spare the rod" in essence Veronica ! Our mommy was a typical, strict, Ol' fashioned mom , you know the type Veronica ! ( she's now in her eighties) and has always said from the 1960s to present day that we deserved (and needed) feel the rattan stinging on our unprotected, bare bottoms for the punishment to be effective and proper. I so agree Veronica - it was not our panties that had misbehaved already. Simple !

In the 1960s, my ever-present, stern grandmother and the religious neighbours said that our bare bottom switchin's were proper "Christian spankings" which encouraged my mother that she was doing the right thing. Mom had been similarly punished by Grandma in the 1930s/40s ! Like mother like daughter Veronica - as always. Additionally, community endorsement for sound spankings was strong among other moms and fathers too. My dad was away a lot, but fully supported my mom's strict methods. So he got the benefit of good, successful, well-behaved (generally !) and happy lil' Southern belles on his return !

So yes, mommy did not "rule with a rod of iron", but she did rule with a dreaded whippy, rattan switch - applied to the bare, fair-skinned botties of her tender lil' daughters without sympathy ! Sister and I called it "the hornets nest" :-( Life was not complicated back then veronica ! Happy times (despite the Oucheees !)
Naughty Lil' Ol' Fashioned (Mom) Brenda xx