Monday, May 6, 2013

The perfect bottom

The definition of perfect is.......

a: being entirely without fault or defect : flawless

b: satisfying all requirements : accurate

To me this bottom defines perfect in every way!



Njspank said...


Anonymous said...

Not perfect. A perfect bottom would be redder with a few belt lines across it.

RobertOTK said...

That doesn't even seem real..... Please tell us she loves to be spanked.....!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Only one word is good enough to describe this bottom-fabulous- and a joy to see! Len

Anonymous said...

Perfect...and " provided by God and Nature for mummies to administer strict but loving discipline", Veronica !!
That's what my mummy told me as a lil' girl in the 1960s (scary , cute and cringing sugar sweet warnings back then Veronica)

And my lil' sister vividly recalls mom often saying it to both of us too. . Mother kept the little rattan cane ("switch" in Southern jargon) handy in the cupboard. And when we were naughty lil' ones our lil' cotton panties were pulled down so that our botties (bent over the sofa arm) were utterly bare and sensitive to the terrible sting (it was harmless of course in retrospect but really nasty at the time )

No need to protect the sensitive skin on our botties that God and Nature had provided. That would defeat the object of a whuppin' - tender backsides needed to smart. It was proper punishment. And the only way we deserved it.

Also, when my poor mummy was exasperated by our tantrums and messing about (or my lil' sister's lies !) ...then why should she smack through protective coverings ? Why make it harder to spank through clothes ?
The dreaded switch was thin and whippy...perfect for my tender, pale, bare, little, ten-year-old situpon ! It was not designed to sting through shorts, skirt or panties. And it never did. But it sure did sting on my bare botty Veronica !! And my poor younger sister's too, of course.

Quite right too Veronica. On bare skin it was controlled, safe, effective, loving, and kind. But also very formal, fair, stern, appropriate and integral to strict and loving family life in our traditional, Southern house in the 1960s and 70s. And in the suburbs too, I would say.

So...proper, good spankings on sensitive bare skin for naughty lil' daughters. Always on a bare botty. And to quote my mummy, as God and Nature intended !
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx