Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Blushing on both ends


Anonymous said...

Is it embarrassment, erotic excitement, or fiery pain on the bottom that has her blushing at both ends? My vote is for all three? The picture says it all. Once again a great post.

Njspank said...


Anonymous said...

Oh my, this is so cute Veronica. Good to see red skin on that tender place " provided by God and Nature for strict, loving mommies to punish naughty daughters!" (quote my mama!)

In my early years in the 1960s, I was similarly disposed over mom's knee, but when slightly older like this lil' princess, I felt the harsh smack of mom's whippy rattan switch on my exposed cotton white botty...bending over the sofa arm in the lounge boo-hoo :-(

I had very sensitive skin Veronica, especially on my chubby botty ! (not lost on my stern mother !) but mom always pulled my panties down so that I would feel the sting more ( "proper punishment") on an unprotected behind. Mom "did not spare the rod" ! Oh my, wishy washy thinking was not common in Georgia in the 1960s Veronica!

Mom believed switchin's needed to be on bare skin to ensure harsh and also safe punishment. And her strict traditional views emphasised kindness and discipline. A stinging bottom does no harm !

My sister and I have always said to mum (now in her 80s) that our memorable and stinging, panties-down, bare bottom whuppin's !! were appropriate and correct....if rather harsh! The good ol' South Veronica!
Nostalgic Lil' Brenda xx