Sunday, June 30, 2013

Can't sit down Sunday


Robert Stephens said...

Absolutely beautiful....

Anonymous said...

2040 A New Era
The new laws had just taken effect. Corporal punishment had been implemented at all levels of society. Punishment was now required in homes, schools, and institutions for any infractions deemed a punishable offense. Parents and guardians were expected to follow all guidelines set forth in this new provision, and it was not negotiable. Home discipline was to be the key, stop bad behavior before it blossomed into something society had to deal with. This story is from an incident that happened at one of those homes. It was gleaned from archive records.
Veronica was now under totally new guidelines of behavior, which she had never experienced before. It was to be a wake up call and an experience she would not soon forget. She had been head strong and hard to keep grounded before the new laws took effect. Granted if this change in the law had occurred earlier in her life her behavior would have been much more manageable. But it did not matter whether she had or not; her parents were expected to follow the new guidelines and discipline her when needed. Unfortunately for Veronica she had broken several of her parent’s rules. She had taken the car without permission, broken her curfew, and continuously talked back to her mother.
She came into the living room wearing shorts and a tee shirt, and was shocked to see not only her family, but two other neighborhood families sitting there. And one of the families had a son who was her age. She almost bolted from the room but she had been told by her father what would happen if did not follow his instructions. Her father sat in a chair in the middle of the room. She walked over to where her father was sitting. Lying next to the chair was a wooden spoon, a hairbrush, and a ping pong paddle and Veronica felt a deep twinge in the pit of her stomach. Her father wasted no time in pulling her over his lap. You will receive three spankings with the implements you see lying here. Our friends are here to witness, and their children to learn what will happen to them if they break rules as you have done. And with that her father began spanking Veronica with his hand; this part he explained “is just for good measure, long overdue.”
Her father began the spanking with slow deliberate swats to her bottom. But these were by no means soft, and Veronica in short order began to squirm on his lap. He spanked her butt methodically for a couple of minutes and then reached down and pulled her shorts down to her ankles. Veronica was shocked and she protested vehemently, but it was no use. Her father picked up the wooden spoon and moved it repeatedly over her panty clad bottom. The room was filled with indignant cries from Veronica to stop. But it did not stop! In a quick move her father pulled down her panties, and in one motion dropped the spoon and picked up the hairbrush.
Veronica was now beside herself, naked below the waist in front of family and friends; it was humiliating to say the least. But that thought was gone in an instant. The crack of the hairbrush hitting her bare butt was like a jolt of electricity. A burning fire was enveloping her bottom and in minutes her father had her quivering, crying, and apologetic; pleading for the spanking to stop. And for a brief moment her father did stop the spanking, lecturing Veronica that she had brought this spanking on herself. “You have disrespected your mother and me for the last time.”
The ping pong paddle applied to her upturned bottom was like heaping burning embers on her already roasted bottom. Gone was her cheekiness, her defiance, or even her mortification of being naked in front of the neighbors. She was limp, crying, red-faced, and humble, lying on her father’s lap. He lifted her up off his lap, explaining that this would be repeated from now on if she reverted back to her old ways. “Now go stand in the corner for the next hour, and let everyone in the room she what a naughty girl you have been.”

Njspank said...

Beautiful smile my dear and what are you wearing? Looks pretty as does your bottom.