Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Let's Roleplay


Anonymous said...

Role Playing Game
The scene was set. Veronica was to be spanked by Jennifer, and as Veronica’s luck would have it, Jennifer is an expert spanker. Veronica was to be spanked by hand and hairbrush Otk. The whole scene was drawn from suggestions placed in numerous bowls and drawn by Veronica herself. The group met once a month and participants were selected randomly. All members’ were in the audience to view the spanking, and if so desired the scene could be filmed, if the participants agreed to it. Everything was consensual.
Veronica was playing a school girl who had been a straight “A” student and Jennifer played her homeroom teacher. Jennifer had just found out about Jennifer’s grade in Math. It had dropped from an A+ to an F-; all because Veronica had been too busy partying to study. This was totally unacceptable behavior. Now it was correction time, and Jennifer was just the person to accomplish the task.
After verbally giving Veronica a lecture, Jennifer unceremoniously grabbed Veronica by the arm and placed her over her knee. Veronica’s bottom was towards the audience. Jennifer wasted no time flipping Veronica’s skirt up, white panties in full view of everyone in the audience. Jennifer started the spanking slow, methodically peppering Veronica’s bottom with smacks from her expert hand. There was no area of her butt that did not feel that relentless onslaught. Jennifer played the role of a concerned and upset teacher perfectly. Veronica was equally impressive with her initial “righteous indignation”, to slowly becoming a very penitent and sorry student, who knows her punishment was merited and for own good.
Jennifer yanked down Veronica’s panties and the contrast was sweet; white panties verse a very red bottom. Now Jennifer’s spanking tempo increased, and in short order Veronica was squirming on her lap in earnestness. Everyone had a perfect view of Veronica dancing and wiggling on Jennifer’s lap, and Jennifer made the scene seem real. Veronica’s butt went from red to a deep scarlet very quickly and tears from Veronica were beginning to fall.
With one last lecture from Jennifer about how disappointed she was about Veronica’s grade in math. She picked up a wicked looking hairbrush. The first crack of the hairbrush, hitting by now Veronica’s very tender bottom, set the stage for a truly memorable hair brush spanking. Everyone was riveted to the scene, the relentless hair brushing and cries and pleas emitting very vocally from Veronica. Suffice it to say that it was a remarkable reenactment of a real life scenario. When Jennifer finally finished, Veronica was limp across her lap and softly sobbing. While on the other hand Jennifer was beaming with a huge smile. Everyone including the audience was happy!

OldFashionGirl said...

@ Anonymous: Great story!!! Thanks for taking the time to comment. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Oh my F- Veronica ! And she looks like a strict super-hero mommy !
The ruler looks tempting !
Strict mommies will pull down shorts and panties without debate. As a matter of routine. And I recommend the lil' whippy rattan switch for a sensitve bare botty. It certainly gets the message across already Veronica !

My mother taught me that way back as a lil' girl growing up in the 1960s. Her trusty flexible rattan switch sure made my botty sting because she always pulled my panties down. I did not deserve protective coverings. And given my mom's faith, strict family moral codes (quite common in Georgia) she did not apply the dreaded rattan switch to protective coverings ! Bare skin only.
So I would advise this mommy to sure do the same here Veronica ! Don't spare the bare mom !
F- is so naughty !!
Strict Mommy Brenda xx