Monday, July 1, 2013

Holding on for dear life!

Many times you'll see me over Tony's lap holding on to the chair legs in front of me and as he spanks my soft, tender bare bottom harder and harder I  hold on tighter and tighter. It's like an old Civil War soldier biting a stick while they amputate a leg (well not as dramatic) but you get my drift.


Njspank said...

Amazing, love the mirror shot but I do love when your arms are folded on his legs but hold tight, the spanking is getting real!

Robert Stephens said...

I love seeing a lady being punished to the point of grabbing her spanker's ankle, or the legs of the chair. Spanked until she thinks she can't take any more..... Yet somehow endures a punishment she never thought she could. Lovely as always Veronica. Tony is a very lucky man...
Warm Bottoms,

Scott Starr said...

Hi Veronica !

How nice to see your beautiful face! Adds much to the eroticism. That's a great shot, could you repost that series? I especially love the angle and the view of you bottom in the mirror. If you have time to do that it would be great!
Regards, Scott S.