Monday, July 1, 2013

Holding on for dear life!

Many times you'll see me over Tony's lap holding on to the chair legs in front of me and as he spanks my soft, tender bare bottom harder and harder I  hold on tighter and tighter. It's like an old Civil War soldier biting a stick while they amputate a leg (well not as dramatic) but you get my drift.


Njspank said...

Amazing, love the mirror shot but I do love when your arms are folded on his legs but hold tight, the spanking is getting real!

Robert Stephens said...

I love seeing a lady being punished to the point of grabbing her spanker's ankle, or the legs of the chair. Spanked until she thinks she can't take any more..... Yet somehow endures a punishment she never thought she could. Lovely as always Veronica. Tony is a very lucky man...
Warm Bottoms,

Scott Starr said...

Hi Veronica !

How nice to see your beautiful face! Adds much to the eroticism. That's a great shot, could you repost that series? I especially love the angle and the view of you bottom in the mirror. If you have time to do that it would be great!
Regards, Scott S.

Anonymous said...

Yes Veronica - wonderful comparison ! :-)
We naughty daughters (and then wives) gotten to know at an early age that the fairy-soft, sensitive skin on our chubby botties is a place, in its naked state, where the "unbearable sting" can be administered by a parent or hubby for strict, loving guidance and punishment.

Bare bottom whuppin's feel like we are being tortured...but its all over in a harmless fashion and hugs gotten to follow. " Don't spare the rod" was kind (and religious) teaching as my mother used to say. I agree. My girlfriends gotten straps, hairbrushes and all across their bare behinds. I gotten the cane. It was Southern culture in most households Veronica.

In the 1960s I gotten the flexible, rattan swich on my bare bum from my mother. I screamed the house down. The ferocious sting on bare skin was terrible. But it was so harmless and over quickly. Our strict, loving, mom knew it would do me good already ! Appropriate punishment !
I was sent to my room with the "hornets nest" burning like crazy on my botty!!! My lil' sister was punished exactly the same. The switch lived in the cupboard. Conservative, strict rules and penalties applied for we daughters. Mom sure was the "good cop bad cop" boss Veronica.

So Veronica, our velvety, lily-white soft-skinned botties were designed by God and Nature for spanking. Well over twenty years before PC, Corporal punishment from mom in our house in the 1960s was as normal as taking a bath .....both involved our bare white bottoms !! CP not PC Veronica !
Naughty daughter and Strict Mommy Brenda xx