Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Uh Oh! Someone's going to get paddled!


Anonymous said...

Restrained and paddled, she must have been a very naughty girl!

Njspank said...

Nice outfit!

Robert Stephens said...

I don't know..... She's beautiful, but she doesn't look scared enough....

Anonymous said...

Very sexy Veronica. As a Southern girl, I'm familiar with the paddle (as my hubby knows tee-hee) although I was never spanked with a paddle growing up. But I did have a very strict upbringing in the 1960s, in Georgia, and the "bottysmacker" in our house was not a paddle or strap, but a thin, whippy, switch. It was made of stingy rattan and lived in the downstairs cupboard. And when lil' sis and I were very naughty, mommy fetched the dreaded "bottysmcker" and our panties came down ! Nasty on a bare botty Veronica, but I must stress, completely harmless and appropriate. And fitting for those conservative times !

Some of my princess friends got the paddle from their mom n pop, and they were common in the stores - I recall the "little deer/bear behind" motto. Cute but scary I found!

For girls like me, now in our early 50s, strict discipline was part of growing up. My mother is now in her 80s and she considered baring our bottoms for a switching just normal. Not strict Veronica, just normal!! And that's how she was whupped as a lil' girl too... oh my, how attitudes changed in the late 1980s with PC.

But by the late 80s, sister and I had long left home and were single, working girls. We've always talked with mom about our strict upbringing - she wasn't impressed by PC Veronica!

In that typically harsh but cute Southern maternal style that defines strict loving nurturing, mommy always said that the fairy-soft skin on our botties was provided by God and Nature for punishment ! And that our sensitive, cotton-white behinds did not need protective coverings to lessen the sting of the switch. That was not the idea of a good smacked bottom. On bare skin be it ! And I agree Veronica and have always appreciated my mom's ol' fashioned very strict loving style.
Naughty Lil' Nostalgic Brenda xx