Thursday, August 15, 2013

A vintage photo-set

1960's mom spanks her daughter.


Anonymous said...

"There is no sense in protesting or pleading. The spanking will be over when I think you have learned your lesson;" Pretty common words from Mom's back then.

smuccatelli said...

Mom must have had her when she was 9 or 10 years old then. Not exactly realistic but a great photoshoot nonetheless. Nice!

OldFashionGirl said...

....or maybe mom just looks young for her age. XoXo

Anonymous said...

Love this...mother/daughter is the best <3 <3

Ms Ash

Njspank said...

One of the classics, thank you. Love the panty spanking then to the bare, awesome, thank you

Anonymous said...

Always love the black and white vintage stuff Veronica. I remember first seeing it in the early 1980s, having left home as a student.
I so craved mother / daughter scenes because it reflected my strict upbringing.
I especially coveted bare bottom caning scenarios (strict mummies or daddies disciplining daughters) within domestic settings...again representing my upbringing.

The Nu West/Leda stuff, with Debby and her stern mummy was incredibly realistic and took me back to confrontations with my strict mom. So accurate and brilliant Veronica.

In our Southern household in late 1960s /70s mom's nasty lil' dreaded switch was kept in the cupboard for strict and loving punishment for her two daughters. And yes, when I was very naughty, my panties were pulled down at the beginning (I had to put my hands on my head for baring formality) and when the rattan switch had turned the fairest-white surface of my tender-skinned botty a well-deserved tomato red; then I had to put my hands back on my head whilst mummy pulled my panties back up (over my unbearable stinging backside)
then pulled my shorts back up, or dress back down, and then sent me to my room. Or ordered me to do chores Veronica. It was so very strict back then !
Brenda xx