Tuesday, August 20, 2013

More vintage spanking


Anonymous said...

Vintage visions from the past; erotica, pain, pleasure, and oh so much more, they bring a snapshot of the old days for us to enjoy! Thanks for the post.

Njspank said...

Love it, nice pic, thanks

Anonymous said...

Veronica, I am standing here swishing my whippy, bendy rattan switchy-cane already. Like a rather cross Clare Fonda or Dana Specht. I have just fetched it from the cupboard to change this naughty girl's spanking ever-so slightly !! :-)
There is a slight delay while I explain to mommy why her daughter's cute shorts and panties need to be pulled down, before it is used as an effective "botty smacker" !! A trusted, attitude adjuster!!!
Just a slight alteration to some clothing, that will make all the difference mommy !
Oh my, it's a strict, ol' fashioned mommies' thing Veronica. And it's how my mother raised yours truly !! :-(
Strict Momma Brenda