Monday, September 2, 2013

Back to school

Yes it is true that summer is officially over and it was a fantastic summer here at "OldFashionGirl SPANKING"  but now it's time to break out the plaid and pleated skirts once more for a new school year is upon us. I think it's going to be a great school year for this naughty girl and for you too! XoXo!


I'm going to be extra naughty this school year!


Njspank said...

What a beautiful but naughty smile, well suppose your bottom will be spanked on a regular basis this school year.....thankfully for us!

Anonymous said...

My hand is twitching thinking about those naughty cheeks of yours otk getting a bare bottom spanking; with your pleated skirt flipped up and your panties pulled down! Those two pictures of your gorgeous bottom on the bed are a spankers dream. And the naughtier you are in the coming year the better for us!

Mike P said...

will the naughty school girl be willing to give naughty school boys a otk hard spanking too i still love be spanked by you

Anonymous said...

How lovely. Her Tiger Mom is fetching the cane ! :-)Brenda x