Thursday, September 5, 2013

"How to Spank your Wife"


...and how not too.

"Hi honey" Tony said in a rather cheerful voice. He  kissed me hello then sat down. "How was work" I said. "It was good and by the way I invited Nathan over this Saturday for dinner. Also I told him that after supper I'll teach him how to spank his wife." "What!!!" I exclaimed! "Why would you do that?" "Listen sweetie" he said in a calm but demanding voice "Nathan might be getting divorced because his wife is running amok and I told him what he needs to do is be a man and take her over his knee and spank her! He asked me if I ever spanked you and I said yes, he then asked me how would he go about it and I told him that I would demonstrate on you. I promise that I'll spank you on your clothed bottom and It wont be too hard." "Well I guess it is for a good cause" I said "I would hate to see the poor geek, I mean guy get a divorce." That Saturday was soon upon us and I decided that I would wear a romper just to make sure that Tony doesn't try to go back on his word and expose my bum. (A romper is like a jumpsuit that is one piece in case you guys don't know but they are shorts instead of pants.)  This friend of his is what I would consider a geek, nerd and weirdo. The guy wears bifocals and has a nasally talk.  Now if Tony was bringing home say Brad Pitt then he could bare my bum but since Nathan is no Brad Pitt the romper is what I'll wear. Around 5pm the doorbell rang, it was Nathan. Tony let him inside "hi Veronica" Nathan said with that nasally voice that just buzzed in my ears. "What's up Nathan" I replied. That entire evening I noticed that Nathan kept staring t me, undressing me with his eyes. "What a geek" I thought. He wore a sports jacket from the seventies and polyester pants, no wonder this guy is getting divorced. After supper I cleaned off the kitchen table and thought that maybe Tony was joking about spanking me in front of Nathan, but then..... "Hey Tony are you going to spank that wife of yours? I need to learn how it's done." Nasal Nathan broke the silence. Tony pushed back his kitchen chair and called me over. Nathan stood up and began jumping and clapping like some school age nerd. "Well Nathan" Tony said, "you make sure that you are seated comfortably and then you place her across your lap and hold her down nice and firmly. When you spank her make sure that you spank one cheek at a time not too fast but not too slow. You want her to feel every sting and make sure you spank from the top of her thighs to the top of  the fleshy part of he bottom. Don't spank to high up or you'll hit her lower back and that is not good." Tony began spanking me moderately to hard. It wasn't the hardest spanking he gave me but I most certainly felt it. Nathan kept licking his lips and smiling, he kept walking around  the table watching me get spanked from every angle possible. His eyes became fixated at my bottom and legs and I could see his bulge growing through his polyester pants. After about ten minutes or more of enduring Tony's spanking and Nathans bulging crotch the spanking had stopped. "And that's how it's done my dear friend, thank you my love" Tony said with joy. "That was great! That was great!" Nathan yelled. A few weeks later I asked Tony about Nathan and his wife. Tony sadly answered "his wife left him." "Why what happened, did he ever spank her?" I wanted to know. Then Tony told me what I already knew, "he spanked her but instead of spanking her bottom he spanked her lower back exacerbating her sciatica!" "What a jerk" we both said at the same time with laughter. I guess he was too busy watching me instead of listening to Tony's instruction on how to properly spank his wife. XoXo


Anonymous said...

Can you blame the poor guy, watching your hot sexy bottom wiggling and squirming over your husband’s lap? I imagine it would be quite hard to concentrate on technique! Love the story and photos!

smuccatelli said...

I can see why Nathan might have not been listening when Tony was explaining to him how to spank you... :-p

But if he's to dumb to pay attention and screw up his wife's spanking, he's got no one to blame but himself!

Robert Stephens said...

Beautiful Veronica... Even over your jumper. I have one quibble with Tony's style of spanking however.... I love, and many of the ladies I spank enjoy, when I apply spanks directly across their bottom crack. While cheek to cheek spanking is a delicious way to administer punishment, smacks across a naughty girl's bottom crack give a spankee a sweet sensation of loving discipline. All a matter of style I suppose . And I would never find fault with the way Tony tans your bottom.... But he should try applying a few brush strokes across your deft bottom crack..... Let me know what you think...!

OldFashionGirl said...

@ Robert: I will Rob I promise... or you can show him and use me as your model...tease, tease. xo

Mike P said...

maybe nathan wife should give him a spanking and then you spank him for being dumb not paying attention

i also think maybe his wife diddint approve of being spanked and wasntinto spanking

Njspank said...

I love that sexy as are you.