Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Grandma is at it again!


Njspank said...

Wish I could meet Grandma!
Nice ones.

Patrica P said...

As a 58 year old woman from the west cost of Ireland who was reared by my Gradma your pictures hold great relavance to me.
My parents were both killed in a traffic accident when I was 14. My Grandma tock me under her wing and over her lap. I had never even been slapped by my parents so you can imagine what it was like after a few warnings to actually recieve my first ever spanking over her knees when I was 16.
Oh the huniliation to be but over her knees and have my skirt pulled up and have my bottom smacked, to make it worse I cried and wet both myself and her.
I was to recieve few more spankings from this lady until I moved out over 15 years latter.