Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saturday morning cartoons

Disney goes super naughty!



15 oesnaelLove you blog. I hope you enjoy mine. Please visit. Its a collection of my spanking stories and comics.


OldFashionGirl said...

Thanks, great stories and I added your link to my blog roll. xoxo

Anonymous said...

The lovely naughty little piggies' cartoon is soooo too cute. I remember watchng this in the 60s and laughing (aprovingly) of the lie-detector and how they are thrown into the air only to land all helpless, with their costumes pulled down and their pale chubby botties all bare for appropriate paternal discipline with the paddling machine. Wonderful ! It's all so very blatently vivid and clear too. Don't lie ! And it's a funny yet very strict advocacy of bare bottom spanking. It was just routine. As a girl I was used to that growing up and I recall mom n pop saying something approvingly stern (and funny) to me and my sister when we watched this cartoon together. So typically strict of the 1960s ! Cutey classic. Brenda x

Anonymous said...

Naughty lil' piggies....

Veronica, my sister and I loved the top Disney animation in the 1960s. And we love it now. We always saw it as a metaphor for corporal punishment from our parents growing up (...and on our bare botties already. Oh my !!!)

In the early 1960s, those cute comics we all still love Veronica, showed lots of spankings (compelling viewing back then as a lil' girl !) but they were usually over clothed bottoms. Not bare bottoms ! I found this confusing Veronica, because I was always punished on my bare botty and was very strictly raised. oh my, if we told lies, mommy fetched the lil' rattan cane, and our panties came down. And our "bare backsides gotten a good switching"....or a "good tanning", or a "whuppin'...just like the naughty lil' piggies !

Mom insisted stingy rattan punishment needed to be on the sensitive bare skin of our bums. No other way Veronica ! Quite right too, I gotten to agree over the years, although it was traumatic (but ultimately good !) as a tender bottomed nine year old :-( And safe and harmless naturally !

I gotten to have conversations with mom in the 1960s about why comics showed unrealistic spankings of naughty daughters over protected, clothed bottoms. But this Disney animation clearly shows the naughty piggies having their swim suits pulled down and their pale, bare backsides gotten reddened by the paddle. It shows corporal punishment is normal. I also love the machine-collar lock which clamps them in a strict mother's arm holding them in place over the knee Veronica !

I love the obvious non-PC aspect of this bare bottom scene, being the original Ol' fashioned Disney values and all. For sure Veronica, bare red botties were a routine part of family life for naughty daughters in our house and in our Georgia suburb and Church community (!!) in the 1960s, and in most of our princess friends too. It was normal. And this animation beautifully shows the reality of strict, Ol' fashioned family values and "don't spare the rod" discipline Veronica. So good to see ! :-)
Naughty Lil' Ol' fashioned Brenda xx