Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Spanktober has arrived...

October is a great month since I love autumn but yet sad since I know that winter is soon to follow and winter  is my least favorite season. October with its brilliant colors my favorite color... red! Let's not forget Halloween, that spank filled holiday with naughty witches. So all you apple pickers and pumpkin pickers have a great Spanktober and think of me when you pick those red apples... XoXo

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Anonymous said...

Yes I prefer the bare ass version...as a strictly raised Southern girl ! (I have no choice really ha-ha !)
That is thanks to my lovely, strict hubby now. But originally it was thanks (!? no thanks...) to my strict mother who raised me in Georgia way back in the 1960s. A flexible rattan switch applied to a bare botty was the only punishment for my sister and me when we were naughty lil' ones !
It was " Don't spare the rod "traditional daughters punishment for sure. Oh my, traditional Southern family values, faith and firm discipline prevailed. In fairness, it did me good Veronica !

But I much prefer Halloween today Veronica !! :-)
Naughty Witch Brenda xx